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Category: Health and Wellness

Chronic Inflammatory Acne: Why it Happens and How You Can Treat It

As adults, we remember how easy life was as a teen. The stresses that come with adulthood are considerable in comparison. But then, if we recall acne, we remember that it was just plain miserable. It can seem like an uphill battle for teenagers and young adults with chronic inflammatory acne. But inflammatory acne isn’t […]

Top Reasons to Consider IV Therapy Over Oral Supplements

A very popular way to boost your immune system and combat issues such as fatigue, and hydration, and even cure a hangover or boost sports performance is through IV Therapy. Like it sounds, IV therapy uses a unique cocktail of vitamins and minerals administered through an IV inserted into a vein. The treatment itself takes […]

Is Dermaplaning for Everyone? Here Are the Pros & Cons

Few modern facial procedures provide the level of satisfaction, and instant gratification one gets as a result of dermaplaning treatments. It’s why some call it the ideal “pre-event” treatment for those desirous of the smoothest, barest, and most radiant canvas for applying make-up. So, what is dermaplaning, and why might one consider this skincare option? […]

Emsculpt Your Way to Tight Abs and a Perky Bottom in Thirty Minutes

Imagine doing 20,000 crunches in thirty minutes. What about 20,000 squats? Can you feel the intense burn? Doing this many crunches or squats in so short a time is not physically possible. Not to mention the roadblocks many encounter on the path to achieving a more sculpted body.  The great news is that you don’t […]

Stress, its Impact on Skin and What You Can Do About It

These uncertain times can wreak havoc on our internal and external health. The body and skin react to stress in different ways. Here are four ways that stress can affect the health and appearance of your skin and what you can do to combat it.  Stress can cause the skin to dry out. Stress causes […]

Six Resolutions for a Happier, Healthier You

The beginning of a new year brings about change and a desire to improve. Personal and professional goals help us grow as individuals. From a health standpoint, fitness centers see an increase in patrons who resolved to get in better shape. People also consider what other changes they want to make to feel better and […]