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Embracing Minimally Invasive Aesthetics at Amani MedSpa

In a world where beauty standards are evolving, many individuals seek ways to enhance their appearance and boost their self-confidence. However, the days of dramatic, surgical transformations are giving way to a more natural, subtle approach to beauty enhancement. At Amani MedSpa, we understand the desire to look and feel your best without resorting to […]

Duck Lips and the Latest Trends in Lip Augmentation

Sometimes you can just tell that someone “had something done.” The tell is often the mouth because those lips don’t lie. But in the right hands and using the “right” product, lip enhancement can be very natural and beautiful.  I recently watched a top-rated show that a particular celebrity I adore looked different. This actress […]

Hate Your Chin? Sculpt and Fill Your Way to a Stronger Jawline

We all know that a well-contoured jawline and a defined chin are important features for a youthful, aesthetic appearance. As we age, we lose muscle tone, collagen support, and bone mass throughout the body, including along the jawline and chin.  The result can change the way we look. From a receding chin to a sagging […]

Botox: What Is It, How Does It Work & When Can I Start Treatments?

While Botox is becoming a widely accepted and effective treatment for several common conditions and ailments – from headaches and migraines to overactive bladders, excessive sweating, and uncontrollable blinking – one of its most popular uses remains cosmetic.  According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, Botox injections are the most popular cosmetic procedure in […]

Dermal Fillers vs. Sculptra: What’s the Difference?

Whether we like it or not, our faces change as we age. The loss of collagen causes our skin to lose elasticity over the years, which results in more lines, wrinkles, and even the loss of volume in the face. What is facial volume? When we’re younger, collagen in the skin and fatty patches under […]

The Top Six Treatments for Youthful Eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul. The lines and creases around the eyes show our history. Every smile, laugh, and frown leaves its mark on our face. Yet, the thin skin around the eyes bears the brunt of our past. Thankfully, there are ways to counteract history and smooth away time. Here are our […]

Love Your Lips: Nonsurgical Solutions for Lip Enhancement

February is recognized as the month of love. Plump, luscious, kissable lips plaster many of the ads we see. Unfortunately, natural aging causes lips to thin and lose their shape. Lips can also develop vertical lines that become more pronounced with time. If you feel a little green with envy whenever you see a perfect […]

Slowing Down the Signs of Time

To most Americans, aging is one of those things that has positives and negatives. Positives may include things like having the confidence to speak your mind and not having to live with all the drama that comes with youth. Negatives include the ever-deepening lines and wrinkles that seemingly come out of nowhere and the fact […]

Three Wrinkle Reducing Treatments You’ve Got to Try

Fine lines and wrinkles are a testament to our history. Each laugh and each cry permanently marked on our faces. While many embrace lines and wrinkles, others want nothing to do with them. They embrace aging but believe that you don’t have to showcase every experience of your life on your face. If you are […]

Hyperhidrosis – Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Sweat

Sweat. Most of us have a hate/hate relationship with it. Despite the benefits that come from the ability to release toxins from the body, sweat is downright smelly and messy. It can be especially problematic for people living in Florida, where the unrelenting heat, sun, and humidity create a trifecta of smelly proportions. For some, […]