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Duck Lips and the Latest Trends in Lip Augmentation

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Sometimes you can just tell that someone “had something done.” The tell is often the mouth because those lips don’t lie. But in the right hands and using the “right” product, lip enhancement can be very natural and beautiful. 

I recently watched a top-rated show that a particular celebrity I adore looked different. This actress has always been stunning (and talented), but her lip work made her look – well, pissed off. I knew it was probably lip injections gone wrong. 

You’ve guessed it. It was a case of the dreaded duck lips. But why do duck lips happen in lip enhancements, and what can you do to prevent it from happening to you? Find out here. 

Lips 101

First, let’s understand the lips. Unlike any other part of the body, the lips are incredibly soft and pliable and can look very different from one person to the next. Some people have full lips with a well-defined cupid’s bow, while others have thinner lips with less definition. 

And then there’s the aging lip – and don’t think we are referring to middle-aged and older women. Lips begin to thin due to a loss of collagen in the 20s. Yes, the 20s. And the loss of collagen keeps happening at a rate of around 1% yearly.

Add in other collagen eaters, such as UV damage, smoking, and inflammation, and you have lines to enjoy on top of your thinning lips. And while we believe that all lips are beautiful, some people don’t like how they age the face and want to enhance them. Dr. Brar and her PA team see women with different concerns about their lips daily. It is her job to listen to these concerns, understand the person’s goals and then provide recommendations for helping achieve them. Making natural-looking enhancements is her specialty, and she’s pretty good at it. 

Why Duck Lips Happen and How to Prevent It

Duck lips can happen if the lips are overfilled, causing the cupid’s bow to flatten. This results in lips that are full but lack definition and appear sausage-like. Duck lips can also happen if the lips already project forward. Adding more filler will only pronounce this. Other causes include using too much filler and not using the “right” filler for the needs of the individual. 

An experienced injector will consider a person’s anatomy and lip structure and add dermal filler to the lips and the vermillion border and cupid’s bow so everything is in balance. The ratio of upper to lower lip fullness must also be considered. An experienced injector will make many small injections depending on the goals to ensure the filler is distributed evenly and choose the most appropriate filler for the treatment goals. They may also use a lip flip technique to hold the lip upwards rather than the filler, causing it to project forward. 

Dr. Brar would love to meet you if you have been considering lip enhancement. Call today to schedule an appointment and learn how she can help you achieve your goals.

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