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Zoom Fatigue and Neck Angst: The Rise in Neck Rejuvenation Procedures


woman who has had neck rejuvenation in valrico flZoom meetings have enabled us to continue with business while the rest of the world shut its doors. But seeing oneself on a monitor for hours a day has caused a heightened awareness of increased skin laxity around the neck. Sagging jowls, creased necklines, excess skin in the neck, and a hidden jawline have become increasingly popular. And more men and women are searching for non-surgical neck rejuvenation procedures. 

Why does neck skin sag?

Like the rest of the body, time shows itself with age. Most people begin noticing their neck skin sagging around age 40. The skin around the neck becomes thinner due to collagen and elastin breakdown. Heard the phrase “turkey neck?” Well, that’s a nickname for the vertical bands that begin appearing under the chin. The platysmal muscle runs from the upper chest to the lower jaw. As we age, the muscles start to separate. A decrease in skin and muscle tone in the neck makes the bands more noticeable. 

How to treat a turkey neck without surgery

A neck lift is a surgical procedure. Thankfully, non-surgical treatments effectively tighten and lift the skin on the neck and under the chin. At Amani MedSpa, we are pleased to offer Neo by Aerolase and Exilis Ultra as options for neck rejuvenation in Valrico, FL.

Neo by Aerolase

Neo by Aerolase is a safe and effective treatment for all skin types. Using Neo’s 650-microsecond laser energy, this comprehensive treatment addresses skin laxity, fine lines, tone, and texture in a single visit. It works by releasing laser light that gently heats the skin. The light energy passes through the epidermis and targets specific tissue without harming the surrounding skin. This pain-free treatment is appropriate for people with mild skin laxity concerns.

Exilis Ultra

Using radiofrequency and ultrasound technology to tighten and tone the skin, Exilis Ultra is a one of a kind solution for sagging skin. The treatment works by quickly and evenly heating the skin’s inner layer to stimulate collagen and elastin production, which smoothes and firms the skin around the neck and jawline. The heat in Exilis Ultra also helps destroy unwanted fat cells in the neck, which is a concern for some people with sagging skin. Depending on the individual’s needs, two to four treatments may be needed to reach the desired results. Results can last a year or longer before maintenance treatments are required. 

If you would like to speak with Dr. Gina Brar about non-surgical neck rejuvenation procedures, we invite you to schedule a consultation. During the appointment, Dr. Brar will listen to your concerns and provide recommendations for helping you achieve your goals.