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When Should I Start Using Preventative Botox or Dysport?


Once you reach a certain age or notice the first minor signs of aging, it’s natural to start considering if it’s time to start receiving injectable treatments to keep your skin looking and feeling youthful and refreshed. While there is no “magic” age to begin receiving Botox or Dysport treatments, most aesthetic experts have agreed that preventative Botox or Dysport treatments should be started by one’s mid-20s – early 30s. In this blog post, we will be taking you through the ways to know that your skin is ready for Botox or Dysport and how to decide to take the first step toward restoring the appearance of your skin. 

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What is preventative Botox or Dysport, and how does it work? 

Botox and Dysport continue to be among the most popular aesthetic treatments in the United States due to their versatility and guaranteed results. It can help ease the appearance of everything from fine lines to crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles, among other skin imperfections and visible signs of aging. Besides its cosmetic purposes, Botox is also widely used for treating migraines, teeth grinding, and excessive underarm sweating. This tried-and-true cosmetic and medical remedy is popular because it is relatively inexpensive and can be done quickly and conveniently inside a doctor’s office!

Recently, young people are using Botox as a preventative measure to stop the signs of aging before they occur. By injecting the muscles that cause wrinkles (i.e., the muscles around the mouth, eyes, and eyebrows) with Botox or Dysport before they develop into wrinkles, you are essentially preventing them from forming. Additionally, preventative Botox and Dysport work to intercept the formation of deep set lines and wrinkles, which can make you look older and tired on top of being harder to treat once they develop.

Preventative Botox and Dysport essentially slow down the use of these muscles, preventing or delaying the development of wrinkles. The forehead and glabellar area are the most common places to get the treatments. Proactively starting these injections early and relaxing your facial expressions can prevent temporary expression lines from becoming permanently etched into wrinkles.

When should I start Botox or Dysport? How young is too young?

While the age to start Botox or Dysport is not steadfast and can vary from person to person based on their skin, most aesthetic experts agree that it is best to start preventative treatments in your mid-20s to early 30s to stop wrinkles and signs of aging in their tracks. However, as previously stated, this number can vary from person to person. Start focusing on your skin and its unique concerns. Once you notice fine lines and wrinkles beginning to form, that is when you should consider if Botox or Dysport is the right option for you. While Botox is approved for patients 18 years and older, it is unlikely that you’ll have enough lines to worry about before you are in your mid to late 20s – so starting Botox or Dysport any earlier than that is probably unnecessary. 

Preventative Botox and Dysport in Valrico, FL

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