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Truths and Myths of Dermaplaning


dermaplaning in valrico flYou’d probably never guess that the secret to smooth, more vibrant, and younger-looking skin is a shaving-type procedure called dermaplaning. 

Dermaplaning is an aesthetic treatment where the dull, top layer of skin and vellus hair (peach fuzz) is gently scraped away with a surgical blade that can only be purchased with a license. The process removes dead skin cells to reveal healthier and more vibrant skin. Dermaplaning can also improve skin tone, reduce acne scars, smooth fine lines, and wrinkles, and improve the absorption of skincare products. Despite its popularity, there is some confusion regarding this procedure, and we aim to set the records straight. Here are some truths and myths of dermaplaning. 

Dermaplaning will make the hairs on my face grow back thicker or darker. This is probably the most common misconception concerning dermaplaning. Because the procedure removes vellus hair, many women are concerned that regrowth will be a stubbly and masculine experience. This is not true. Dermaplaning creates a blunt tip to the end of the hair, which, when it grows, some interpret as greater thickness. Vellus hair is thin and soft. Dermaplaning will not and cannot change the structure of the hair.

Dermaplaning is not intended for sensitive skin. Dermaplaning is one of the most gentle ways to exfoliate the skin. The removal of the top layer of the skin allows for quicker cell turnover and improved absorption of serums. It is also an excellent treatment starter because by removing the skin’s top layer, facials, chemical peels, and other treatments can be more effective. 

You can dermaplane at home just as effectively as in a medical spa. There are at-home kits for dermaplaning. However, the devices used in these kits cannot hold a candle to what the professionals use. Also, these kits will only remove the hair. They will not exfoliate the skin as well. One of the significant benefits of dermaplaning at a facility such as Amani MedSpa is that we use a professional-grade scalpel and apply it so that it is entirely pain-free and won’t result in rashes, irritation or breakouts. 

If I start dermaplaning, I will need to continue doing it forever. This myth is often tied to concerns for hair regrowth. Professional dermaplaning removes 21 days’ worth of dead skin cells. One dermaplaning procedure does not mean you are committing yourself to a lifetime of treatments. Remember, the hair structure will not change after dermaplaning. However, after seeing how removing the dead skin cells and hair improves the skin’s luminosity and drastically enhances the application of makeup, many are hooked. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment for dermaplaning at our Valrico, FL medical spa, give us a call today. Our experienced aestheticians are committed to ensuring you get the very best services for your skin’s unique needs.