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Forget the Zit: Acne Treatments for All Skin Types


acne treatments and acne scar treatmentLet’s face it. Acne is one of the least desirable things to pop up on a person’s face. Yet it is one of the most common affecting 80% of both men and women age 11-30. The severity of one’s acne can vary dramatically, but one thing remains consistent across all people with acne – they wish it gone. 

At Amani Med Spa, we understand acne and offer a variety of acne treatments to meet the varying needs of our patients. The reason this is important is because the best treatment for one person may not be best for another. Skin types can dictate which treatments are most effective. Our skincare experts can help identify the best treatments for you based on the unique needs of your skin, your budget, and your long-term skincare goals. Here are four of our very favorite acne treatments. 

Neo Clear by Aerolase

For those who want to get to the root cause of acne when other treatments have failed, Neo Clear by Aerolase is an excellent option. Using laser light therapy, Neo Clear destroys P. acnes bacteria, suppresses excess sebum (oil) production and decreases inflammation in the skin. For those with acne scars, Neo Clear also helps significantly reduce their appearance. Most patients receive four to six treatments. To maintain the excellent results of Neo Clear, future maintenance treatments are recommended. Besides the great results that it provides, it also has zero downtime or side effects. 


If acne scars are a concern and active acne isn’t, dermaplaning is a great treatment. Dermaplaning helps minimize the appearance of acne scars by gently scraping away the dull, top layer of skin, removing dead skin cells while revealing healthy more beautiful skin. The treatment triggers collagen production, which can help heal acne scars and improve skin’s tone and texture. It also allows the skincare products to penetrate at deeper levels. 

eMatrix Sublative 

For both deep and superficial acne scarring, eMatrix Sublative is a clinically proven treatment that is safe and effective on all skin types. Using bipolar radiofrequency eMatrix Sublative stimulates cell regrowth and boosts collagen and elastin production, resulting in healthier, smoother and tighter skin.


For those patients who might not want the downtime of eMatrix Sublative a good option is Microneedling, which provides similar benefits to eMatrix Sublative. 

Chemical Peels

One of the most effective ways to minimize the appearance of acne scars is by removing old, dull layers of skin. Our medical-grade chemical peels penetrate deep into the skin and cause it to peel or exfoliate over a period of days, revealing the healthy tissue below. 

Whether your concern is active acne or scarring left behind from the acne of your past, Amani Med Spa offers a variety of acne treatments to meet the diverse needs of our Central Florida community. Call today for a consultation and find out what treatment options are available to help you forget the zit!