Weight Loss

Wellness & Weight Loss Services

Wellness and weight loss are truly one in the same. The secret to both starts with correct nutrition and the education to support the empowerment to sustain results for a lifetime. However, each individual is unique, not only with different food preferences but also our genetics. Our comprehensive solutions identify the unique needs of each patient, to help solve problems now and prevent them in the future.

HCG Diet Program

This program is a medically supervised rapid fat loss program that leverages natural elements produced by the body, to facilitate the detoxification and elimination of undesirable stored fat. This is a very specific process, which when followed completely, results in 1/2 to 1 pound lost daily during the course of the program. Please call to schedule a consultation to determine your eligibility for the program. 

Natural Weight Loss Program

For those desiring an effective and fast, yet natural method for healthy long-term weight loss, we provide a comprehensive science based program that is not only results-producing and effective, but is especially recommended for those with a wide variety of health conditions, including Diabetes. Our on-site lifestyle coach and medical team will help you detoxify, cleanse, balance, nourish and restore you to the results you have long battled for. Schedule an initial consult for information about the program and getting results for a lifetime.

Natural Alternatives

Many of our patients ask for help reducing prescription medications or for natural alternatives to help support their health goals. We provide comprehensive support with the customization to meet the needs of each individual. It is essential to ensure a foundation of good nutrition to reach all of our health goals. Our available support includes anti-aging supplementation, support for key health areas, as well as weight loss supplements to target unique causes for weight challenges. Schedule a consultation to see how to customize a plan for health.

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